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Question : Carbolic acid is

Question : The reagent required to convert propene to 1-propanol is

Question :Oxymercuration-demercuration reaction of 1-methylcyclohexane gives

Question : A compound of the formula C4H10O reacts with sodium and undergoes oxidation to give a carbonyl compound which does not reduce Tollen's reagent,the original compound is

Question : Osmium tetraoxide is a reagent used for

Question : trans-Cyclohexane-1,2-diol can be obtained by the reaction of cyclohexane with

Question : Which of the following is not formed when glycerol reacts with HI ?

Question : Reimer-Tiemann reaction involves

Question : Aspirin is an acetylation product of

Question : Which one of the statements about HOH2CCH(OH)CHO is not correct?It

Question : Carbonyl compounds undergo nucleophilic addtion because of

Question : The most reactive compound towards formation of cyanohydrin on treatment with KCN followed by acidification

Question :During reduction of carbonyl compounds by hydrazine and KOH, the first intermediate formed is

Question : Which of the following will respond to Cannizaro;s reaction

Question : Which of the following does not give formaldehyde on heating or distillation ?

Question : Acetaldehyde cannot exhibit

Question : Oxidation of acetaldehyde with selenium dioxide produces

Question : Which of the following compounds does not react with sodium bisulpate ?

Question : Dehydration of glycerol gives

Question : Lucas reagent is

Question : 3-methyl-2-butanol on treatment with HCl gives predominantly

Question : Which reagent cannot be used to prepare an alkyl halide from an alcohol >

Question : Sodium salt of benzene sulphonic acid on fusion with caustic soda gives

Question : Methanol and ethanol can be distinguished by the following :

Question : Phenols do not react with one of the following :

Question : Glycerin is a

Question : Glycerol on oxidation with bismuth nitrate produces

Question : Cresol has

Question : Phenol & benzoic acid may be distinguished by :

Question : What amount of bromine will be required to convert 2g of phenol into 2,4,6-tribromophenol?

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