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Question :A solid ball of metal has a spherical cavity inside it. The ball is heqated.The volume of cavity will

Question :When water is heated from o˚C to 10˚C,its volume

Question :For a perfect gas, the ratio of volume coefficient of expansion to pressure coefficient is

Question :Boyle's law holds for an ideal gas during

Question :To keep correct time modren watches are fitted with balance wheel made of

Question :When vapour condenses into liquid

Question :The temperature of the sun is measured with

Question :For measuring temperature near absolute zero,the thermometer used is

Question :On which of the following scales of temperature, the temperature is never negative?

Question :Temperature is a

Question :According to kinetic theory of gases at absolute zero of temperature

Question :Of the following, the one which has the highest specific heat is

Question :A solid sublimates when its boiling point is

Question :The saturation vapour pressure of water of 100˚C is

Question :When a soluble impurity is added to a liquid, the freezing point of the liquid

Question :The first law of thermodynamics expresses

Question :A point on P-V diagram represents

Question :The first law of thermodynamics is a special case of

Question :A refrigerator is a

Question :A gas has

Question :γ for a gas is always

Question :Which of the following is an isoentopic process ?

Question :The process in which no heat enters or leaves the system is termed as

Question :In an ideal gas, the energy is

Question :The isothermal bulk modulus of an ideal gas at pressure P is

Question :The adiabatic bulk modulus of a perfect gas at pressure P is given by

Question :The internal energy of a gram-molecule of an ideal gas depends on

Question :The number of degrees of freedom for each atom of a monatomic gas is

Question :At the same temperature, the ratio of energy per gm. mole of O2 and H2 is

Question :At a given temperature which of the following gases possesses maximum r.m.s velocity?

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