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Question : Pure methane can be produced by

Question : When ethyl alcohol is heated with conc. H2SO4 at 443K, Ethylene is formed by

Question : The conversion of 2,3-dibromobutane to 2-butene with Zn and alcohol is

Question : Which of the following metal powder is used to convert trichloromethane into acetylene by heating the latter with it ?

Question : A salt producing hydrocarbon amoung these compounds is

Question : 3-Hexyne reacts with Na/liq. NH3 to produce

Question : An unknown compound A has a molecular formula C4H6, when A treated with an excess of Br2, a new substance B with formula C4H6Br4 is formed. A forms a white precipitate with ammonical silver nitrate slution. A may be

Question : Which of the following possess the highest melting point ?

Question :The function of AlCl3 in the Friedel-Crafts reaction is

Question : Acetylene when passed through 20% H2SO4 at 80°C gives acetaldehyde. The catalyst required for this conversion is

Question : Gasoline has compounds having

Question : Electrolysis of cold concentrated aqueous solution of potassium succinate yields

Question : Acetylene gives

Question : Petroleum consists mainly of

Question : The hydrogen atoms are most acidic in nature in:

Question : Ethylene reacts with alkaline KMnO4(Bayer's reagent) to form

Question : Which of the following will have least hindered rotation about carbon-carbon bond ?

Question :Lead tetraethyl is used as

Question : Purification of petroleum is carried out by following method

Question : Which one of the following contains isopropyl group ?

Question : Toluene is oxidised to benzoic acid by :

Question : A hydrocarbon with molecular formula C8H18 gives only one monochloro derivative. The hydrocarbon is

Question : Indane is

Question : In preparation of alkene from alcohol using Al2O3 which is effective factor ?

Question : Butene-1 may be converted to butane by reaction with

Question : The additon of HBr is easiest with

Question : Methane and ethane both can be prepared in one step by whch of the following compound ?

Question : Marsh gas contains

Question : Two Organic compounds A and B both containing carbon and hydrogen only, on quatative analysis gave same percentage of C and H. A can decolourise bromine water whereas B cannot. A and B respectively are

Question : Butyne-1 and butyne-2 can be distinguished by :

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