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Question : When chlorine is passed through porpene at 400˚ c, which of the following is formed?

Question : Which of the following cannot be made by using Willamson's synthesis?

Question : Chloroform is used as

Question : When CH3CH2Br reacts with sodium acetylide, the main product is

Question : Ether in air forms :

Question : Chloroform on warming with Ag powder gives

Question : Diethyl ether reacts, inspte of its usual inert nature, with :

Question : Which of the following compound will make precipitate most readily with AgNO3

Question :Function of AlCl3 in Friedel-Craft;s reaction is to

Question : Alkyl halides on heating with dry Ag2O yield :

Question : The compounds CHCl3 and HF lead to the formation of a compound of flourine of molecular weight 70. THe compound is :

Question :DDT is prepared by reacting chlorobenzene with :

Question : The number of double bonds in gammexane is :

Question : The alkyl halide is converted into alocohol by :

Question : Which of the following has highest chlorine content?

Question :The order of reactivity of alkyl halides towards elimination reaction is

Question : Isobutyl bromide may be obtained from isobutylene and HBr in the presence of

Question :In sN1 reaction, the recemization takes place.It is dur to

Question : Which of the following compound is used as refrigerent

Question : Which of the following is gem-dihalide ?

Question : Ether can be used

Question : A Grignard reagent may be made by reacting magnesium with

Question : Methyl bromide when heated with zinc in dry ether produces

Question : An aromatic ehter is not cleaved by HI even at 525 K. The compound is

Question : Group which directs electrophilic species to ortho and para-position is

Question : Williamson synthesis is used to prepare

Question : Which reagent cannot be used to prepare an alkyl halide from an alcohol ?

Question : Bromine gives substitution reaction produces with benzene readily in presnece of:

Question : An alkyl halide reacts with metallic sodium in dry ether. The reaction is known as :

Question : Iodoform cannot be prepared from which of the following ?

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