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Question : When a body is charged by induction,then the body

Question : If a body is positively charged,then it has

Question :On charging by conduction,mass of a body may

Question :An uncharged insulated conductor A is brought near a charged insulated conductor B

Question : Two charges are placed a certain distance apart.A metallic sheet is placed between them.What will happen to the force between the charges?

Question :Which of the following is best insulator ?

Question :The distinction between conductors,insulators and semiconductors is largely concerned with

Question :A cylindrical conductor is placed near another positively charged conductor.The net charge acquired by the cylindrical conductor will be

Question :Two spheres A and B of exactly same mass are given equal positive and negative charges respectively.Their masses after charging

Question :What happens when some charge is placed in a soap bubble?

Question :Two charges are placed a certain distace apart in air. If a glass slab is introduced between them, the force between them will

Question :A postively charged rod id brought near an uncharged conductor. If the rod is then suddenly withdrawn,the charge left on the conductor will be

Question :The ratio of electric force between two electrons to two protons separated by the same distace in air is

Question :The dielectric constant of a metal is

Question :An electric field can deflect

Question :If an electron has an intial velocity in a direction different from that of an electric field,the path of the elctron is

Question :If a charge is moving along the direction of coloumb's force of an elcetric field,

Question : A hollow sphere of charge does not have electric field at

Question :If one penetrateds a uniformly charged solid sphere,the elctric field E

Question : if one penetrates a uniformly charged spherical cloud,electric filed strength

Question :'Debye' is the unit of

Question :Electric lines of force about a negative point charge are

Question :An electric dipole is kept in a uniform electric field,it experiences

Question :The electric potential at a point on the equatorial line of an electric dipole is

Question :The electric charge,in a uniform motion,produces

Question :Electric flux at a point in an electric field is

Question :Electric flux over a surface inan electric field may be

Question :Positive electric flux indicates that electric lines of force are directed

Question :Negative electric flux indicates that electirc lines of force are directed

Question :An eqipotential surface is that surface

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