HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Basics of HTML
Basic Text & Font Tags Basic Structure of an HTML Page

Basics of HTML

HTML code almost always uses beginning and ending tags. These tags surround the text that will be affected by the code.
A beginning tag is generally a word surrounded by brackets. The closure tag is surrounded by the same brackets but with a forward slash right after the opening bracket.

For example, if you want to bold a portion of a sentence, then you would use "b tag" for the opening tag and "b tag" for the closing.

Let’s say you want to bold the word "Hello!" in the sentence below. Then your HTML code would look like this:

"b tag" Hello! "b tag" My name is Carla.
The output would be:
Hello! My name is Carla.
Only the word "Hello!" is bolded because the tags surround that word. If you wanted to bold the entire sentence, then you would have put the closure tag, " b tag ", after the word "Carla". Be sure to always include your closing tag because if you forget, your entire page will be affected by the tag.

You can apply this same concept to many other HTML codes. Here are several of the basics...


Basic Text & Font Tags

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