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Question :Swimming is possible on account of

Question :Inertia is that property of a body by virtue of which the body is

Question :An object will continue moving uniformly until

Question :A man is at rest in the middle of a pond on perfectly smooth ice.He can get himselt to the shore by making use of Newton's :

Question :A cannon after firing recoils due to

Question :Newton's second law give the measure of:

Question :We can derive Newton's :

Question :A jet plane flies in the air because

Question : You are on a frictionless horizontal plane.How you can get off if no horizontal force is exerted by pushing against the surface

Question : pulling is easier than pushing because

Question :When a body is stationary

Question :Which of the following statements about friction is true?

Question :Rocket works on the principle of

Question :Tension in the cable supporting an elevator, is equal to the weight of the elevator.From this we can conclude that the elevator is going up or down with a

Question : The force exerted by the floor of an elevator on the foot of a person standing there ,is more than his weight ,if the elevator is

Question :It is difficult to move on a cycle with brakes on because

Question :Which is a suitable method to decrease friction

Question : When an elevator cabin falls down , the cabin and all the bodies fixed in the cabin are accelerated with respect to

Question :The tension in the cable of 1000 kg elevator is 1000 kg wt,the elevator

Question : Consider an elevator moving downwards with an acceleration a,the force exerted by a passenger of mass m on the floor of the elevator is

Question :A ship a of mass 3*107kg initially at rest is pulled by a force of 5*104N through a distance of 3m. Assume that the resistance due to water is negligible, the speed of ship is

Question :Young man of mass 60kg stands on the floor of a lift which is accelerating downwards at 1 m/sec2 then the reaction of the floor of the lift on the man is (Take G=9.8m/sec2)

Question :A block of mass M is kept on a smooth inclined plane inclination θ. The force exerted by a plane on the block has a magnitude

Question :A block of mass M is suspended by a string A from the ceiling and another string B is connected to the bottom of the block. If B is pulled on steadily

Question :A machine gun fires 10 bullets per sec each of mass 10gm, the speed of each bullet is 20m/sec, then the force of recoil is

Question :A block of mass 2 kg is placed on the floor the coefficient of static friction is 0.4. If the force of 2.8N is applied on the block parallel to floor, the force of friction between the block and floor is (Take g=10m/sec2)

Question :Two bodies having masses m1=40gm & m2=60gm are attached to the end of a string of negligible mass and suspended from massless pulley. The acceleration of the bodies is

Question :The ratio of the weight of a man in a stationary lift and when it moving downwards with uniform acceleration a is 3:2. Then the value of a is

Question :In a rocket fuel burns at rate 1kg/sec & ejected with velocity 48km/sec, then the force exerted by exhaust gases on rocket is

Question : An open knife edge of mass 200gm is dropped from height 5m on a cardboard. If the knifeedge penetrates distance 2m into the cardboard, the average resistance offered by the cardboard to the knife edge is

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