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Question :The idea of quantum nature of light has emerged an attempt to explain

Question :According to Newton's Corpuscular theory,the velocity of light in rarer medium as compared to that in a denser medium is

Question :A very thin liquid film in reflected white light appears

Question :The fringe width for red colors as compared to that for violet color is approximately

Question :Intensity of light depends on

Question :The color of bright fringe nearest central achromatic fringe in the interference pattern with white light will be

Question :The device which produces highly coherent sources is

Question :Which out of following,cannot produce two coherent sources ?

Question :Coherence is a measure of

Question :Newton postulated his corpuscular theory of light on the basis of

Question :Huygen's concept of secondary wave

Question :Two sources of light are said to be coherent,when they give light waves of same

Question :The interfering fringes formed by a thin oil film on water are seen in yellow light of sodium lamp.We find the fringes

Question :When monochromatic light is replaced by white light in Fresnel's biprism arrangement,the central fringe is

Question :At the cenre(t=0) of Newton's ring arrangement, we observe a

Question :The phenomenon of diffraction can be treated as interference phenomenon if the number of coherent sources is

Question :The limit of resolution of eye is approximately

Question :What should be refractive indexz of a transparent medium to be invisible in vaccum

Question :Light waves can be polarised because they

Question :Light transmitted by Nicol prism is

Question :If the light is polarised by reflection, then the angle between reflected & refracted light is

Question :When a souce of light is receding away from an obsever,then the spectral lines will get displaced towards

Question :Wavelength of a laser beam can be used as a standard of

Question :Soap bubble looks colored due to

Question :If Young's double slit exp. is performed in water

Question :Light waves travel in vaccum along the X-axis.Which of the following may represent the wavefronts ?

Question : Electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature is evident by

Question :Infrared radiation is detected by

Question :The condition for observing Fraunhofer diffraction from a single slit is that light wavefront incident in the slit should be

Question :Polaroid glass is used in sun galsses because

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